The new year is here and with it there is a fresh set of accessory trends bringing with them the power to glam up every outfit. This year, if the trends are to be trusted and in the higher power of fashion we trust, 2020 is all about statements. Fashion has always been about expressing yourself and as the new decade begins, a bold new energy is ready to charge your closet.

From Chunky Boots to headbands, here are twenty accessory trends you must have while setting your #2020Goals.

1. Chunky Boot

Winter is here for a short visit and we must make the most of it. Keep your feet warm with a pair of chunky boots and look like a complete badass. Featuring a low heel & rubber platform these boots are comfortable to wear with feminine dress or jeans. Chunky boots transition seamlessly from evening casual wear to a look for the night, adding a grunge twist to your outfit instantly.

2. Bucket Bags

Gone are those days when fashion was only about looking good. Utility is just as important as aesthetic and that is perhaps one of the reasons why bucket bags never really went out of style. A bag which could hold it all and look great at the same time? Well, sign us up!

3. Statement Large Chain Necklaces

It doesn’t matter the time of the year. Your look can always use a ting of bling. Trendsetters of 2020 agree that necklaces are frontrunners this year. Oversized & chunky designs make a statement and are an easy way to tie your outfit together. A pair of blazer or sweater, add large chains to any outfit and your OOTD picture is ready.

4. Headbands

Every bad day can be turned into a great one with a headband. Kajol brought it into fashion with her iconic look in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and they are making a return. The pattern can be vintage, psychedelic or quirky prints to add pizzazz to your outfit.

5. Shimmery Sheen

It might not be Christmas anymore but its still the season of shimmer. Sequins are the star of the season, and each outfit can shine in its own right with it. Be the star attraction this new year and grasp the attention of all those around you with these fashion definers.

6. Dripping With Rhinestones

Long earrings are the in thing today and have always been. With pretty rhinestones to match each dress you have in mind, this new year shine with these wonderful attractive ear pieces. The shopping season may seem behind you but there is no wrong time to get your hands on a beautiful set of earrings dripping with rhinestones.

7. Belt Bags

A bag which fits around your waist in the form of a belt, sounds ideal. Use this happening item to carry your basic necessities around without restrciting your hands or constantly bothering your shoulder for the same. Available in multiple desings to suit your personality, allow yourself to be free yet prepared everywhere you go.

8. Wide Waist Belts

The perfect accessory to go with your dress, find your perfect wide waist belt. Multiple desings and colours allow you to get the ones that go best not only with what you like but exactly what accentuates your dresses. Be it Madhuri Dixit or Deepika Padukone, they’ve all shone in this at one time or another and its now your time to shine with this.

9. Hoop Earrings

Classic is so for a reason, hoop earrings have never gone out of fashion. From gold and silver to plated jewelry, it is available in all forms and you must get yours. They go with all that you wear, be it ethnic or western or even fusion wear. It isn’t even about just plain hoops anymore, today there are multiple designs to choose from.

10. Chokers

They grace the neckline without the need of traditional jewelry. Find the perfect choker for yourself not just to look dashing but to make a statement. Having been made popular way back in the 1800s by the Princess of Wales it still continues to be the defining accessory for many even today.

11. Anklets

Adorning your feet with these anklets makes them prettier than they already are. Ranging from metallic simple ones to stay on the classic look wagon to the trendy new ones with designs and accessorized to be in line with the times today, find your perfect ankelt and dawn it to show it off.

12. Jootis

Long gone are the days when Jootis were only put on with traditional Indian wear, today you can wear them with the trendiest western look. The Indian look is always an option for you but if that is not what you seek, fish out the ones that go right with the wear you have in mind and you are sure to find it. Look classy this new year and beyond with them.

13. Pearl Jewelry

The ultimate look of classiness and yet simplicity, pearls have long defined these two terms for women. With them being in fashion with or without added accessories, pearls make you look stunning no matter what. Get ones in set jewelry or just one piece, be it earrings or a pendant.

14. Brooches

We have all looked on as brooches came into fashion with videos and stories of Prom nights and parties abroad to the point where they are today the in thing for not just formal parties but in regular wear too. Just like the rest of your attire you can choose your brooch in a manner that personifies who you are and sets you apart.

15. Chunky Bracelets

There was a time and place when petite and barely visible bracelets were the talk of town. Today that has been replaced with chunky bracelets that are here to stay. Stones, pearls or other accessorizing items come together to make these unique pieces for each person to suit their needs and want.

16. Cozy Scarves

As the winter draws in, the best way to accentuate your dresses, tops and kurtas are cozy scarves. Yes, their prime function may be to keep your necks warm but who said anything about not using them to look and feel the best this season. Be it solid colours or printed, find the scarf that you like best.

17. Scrunchies

When the whole of you is all set to make a fashion statement, why leave your hair out. From scarve scrunchies that adorn your pony to coloured ones to go with your look of the day, choose your set to get comfortable hairstyles for yourself while making your hair look as pretty as you.

18. Nose rings

Originally brought into fashion by tradition, a nose ring today signifies so much more than what it initially did. With various designs, styles and materials available, you can find the perfect one for yourself. Worn in different forms across the country it will look right in place with the rest of your accessions or by itself depending on the look you wish to carry.

19. Angular sunglasses

Not just cute, these new in trend angular sunglasses are just enough eccentric to draw your own attention and those of others. Available in all forms to suit your face style, you will certainly stand out in the crowd with these on. Be the trendsetter and the talk amongst friends as the new year starts.

20. Printed Tights

Looking to show off your favourite colour, design or print, printed tights are what comes to fulfill this need today. Set the trending talk on with the best desings to help you carry the exact look you want. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to what you’d like to see yourself in when it comes to these.